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Introduction to Greenland

--- Community ---- Creativity ----- Naturality ---- Sustainability ---

What does it mean to be successful?

With what means do you measure your wealth?

In today's modern world, your success, and even your identity are based on your individual wealth- measured by money, assets, popularity, etc. Society has programmed us from an early age to believe that bigger is better. This idea that having "more" means the same thing as security, leads people to pursue things in extreme excess. They are consumed with how much "wealth" they can procure in order to live a "comfortable" life. The people who don't have as much are envious and disheartened. Many disconnect from society feeling financially left behind and insecure.

Like that last swing that finally cracks open the pinata, flinging its prizes near and far, life elicits a scrambled race to take as much as one can with no regard for anyone else. This behavior is encouraged in the education systems, political messaging, social media, mainstream media, movies, books, and many more veins of content that bombard our daily lives.

Our intention, with this novel community, is to shift the focus from material security toward a “shared” wealth model within a Co-operative and Sustainable Community. We found a way to live free of monetary pressure, to practice individual responsibility, while participating in free creativity, and living an authentically sustainable life.

The Four Pillars - WATER, FOOD, ENERGY, and SHELTER (COMMUNITY) - are the four basic necessities of life that enable us to flourish. Our community is designed to produce and supply all of these basic needs to all of its members, hoping to instill a new, different sense of security. Having our pillar needs met, we can fully participate in learning and living the Essential Values and Vital Principals that GreenLand upholds:

          • Community.   
          • Creativity.   
          • Naturality.   
          • Sustainability.
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Organized as a non-profit and a Co-operative, each member will have an important role to play in community operations. There will be no need for any member to have an outside source of income or employment but we do not discourage it either. The 4 Pillars which make this community 100% sustainable- food, water, energy, and shelter- will need the attention, maintenance, and care of all community members. The responsibilities will be divided up and designated to all GreenLand members by GreenLand members. There are numerous tasks to be considered, like the maintenance of vehicles, detailed cleaning, organization projects, gardening, cooking, planning events, etc. Each member will find their niche; maybe they are better suited for one task more than another. Training and education relating to each task will be available to each member as well.

The Co-Operative is set up with each and every member having equal stock or an equal investment. This investment is in the form of a stock certificate and gives each member a right to live in a private housing unit as well as to participate and benefit fully in the activities, production, and governing of the community. The right to a private living space for each member is one of the most important aspects of the community structure. Just like an HOA or Condo organization, all exterior property is maintained by the Co-Operative and the interior of each private residence is the occupant’s area to customize as they please. All living quarters will be built on solid foundations and will be permanent structures. Tiny Homes on trailers will be permitted to take temporary residency on the land on specific occasions.

We will offer rental vacation units that will be built within the community to allow non-members to stay for a specific duration of time and participate in the activities just as a member would. Depending on location, there will be an area for RV visitors and/or campers.

One of the most significant benefits of living in GreenLand is that there will be no utility costs. Water and energy will be 100% recycled and furnished through a community effort. Waste will also be recycled in one or more ways- through composting, energy production, and greywater irrigation. These innovative tools and ideas will also generate power for the private living quarters.

Members and residents will be encouraged to engage and socialize with each other and the surrounding communities through the individual development of creative pursuits which will include but are not limited to art, music, science, inventions, environmentally responsible agriculture practices, outdoor activities, etc.

Our Welcome Center will be the central community gathering place big enough for all members to assemble for shared meals and activities, including art displays, readings, lectures, concerts, and other forms of entertainment. The idea is to have a central "sharing and learning center" for our community and our surrounding neighbors.

GreenLand's intention is to maintain a 100% sustainable living community for its members and to be as inclusive and knowledgeable to those who live outside our community as well as those who live here.

What’s next?

If you are interested in this exciting new 100% sustainable community concept and its development, please contact us for more information. Whether you are interested in helping GreenLand's concept or actually joining our community, we want to hear from you. We offer paths to become a member and different ways you can join our community. We invite you to be part of GreenLand's development stages- bringing GreenLand into existence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The dwelling units or private residences all qualify as Tiny Homes. They are a combination of free-standing tiny homes and tiny homes suites all with permanent foundations. The free-standing tiny homes are units of 400-600 sq feet with a basement, porch, and patio. The Tiny Home Suites are private living units attached to a main communal space such as the agriculture center, large kitchen/dining hall, art center, community room, business center, etc. The suites are 500 sq feet and have their own porch, deck, and private entrance to ensure just as much privacy as a stand-alone Tiny Home. The communal portion of the structure has a separate entrance. The residents of the Tiny Home Suites will have access to the communal living space through a door that locks, again, to ensure privacy. Both styles of tiny homes have a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms or bedroom functions, a lounge area, a private porch, and a deck. Both are permanent structures.

All structures of GreenLand will be a fusion style of a rustic-modern design with the latest sustainable systems in place to maintain 100% authenticity of our "sustainable" name. We want you to feel the warmth and security in our old-fashioned structures, along with the finesse of a modern, on-the-grid apartment or condo- but better. Why better? Because you will have more privacy than living in the suburbs or city. GreenLand only considers land that is a rural piece of acreage- no matter what state we launch and expand to- because of the agricultural space needed.

GreenLand, like any other establishment, will take measures to ensure the safety of its community members. One way of doing this would be to keep the vetting process and questions up to date and relevant for the time. All interested parties will need to go through a vetting process before they become a buy-in member and pay the fee. Safety and function is a priority when making these kinds of decisions, especially in light of the most recent global pandemic. When open to the public GreenLand will take the appropriate measures to ensure we are not exposing members and other guests to illness- such as taking temperatures with Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometers, and making masks mandatory while inside any and all public or communal structures. As a community, we can decide if we should or shouldn't be open to the public, or limit visitor hours. Multiple families won't be living in the same unit. The Tiny Home Suites are separated by walls and not connected in entrance form in any way. If one wanted to go from their tiny home suite to another, they would need to exit their home's entrance and walk to the other suites entrance that are both on the outside of the building, ensuring safe quarantine proximity. The doors from the private units to the communal entrances lock on both sides, and we can mandate, as a community, how we enter and exit buildings to ensure everyone's safety. Something important to remember is if GreenLand existed across the nation pre-pandemic it would contribute to lower numbers and fewer cases because members would not need to go to public areas, or public gathering grounds to obtain necessities; Everything they need is on the land. To leave to get necessities would be voluntary and up to the individual member(s). Any member to leave and return would be treated as any visiting guest upon entry. If any extended trip or vacation was taken by a member they would need to quarantine in their unit, all made possible because the private suite living units are separated by walls while the free-standing Tiny Homes are complete private structures.

Without the individual's contribution, the vision of GreenLand will not be truly realized. We want to give all people more enterprise over their options than what they think they have. We want to help the individual looking to expand their freedoms and make America, the land of the free, truly free. We can only do that by building the pilot of GreenLand, and we can only build with your contribution of as little as $1. When you invest in GreenLand or support us as a follower, you aren't just giving us money to build, you are saving the planet! By supporting a foundation that makes it easy to live 100% sustainably, you are helping put a stop to current day pollution and alarming global warming rates of the place we all call home... earth.

GreenLand's vision is to create a 100% sustainable off-grid community- nationwide and eventually global. We want to provide a supportive community and safe place of learning for those who desire to make the transition into living a more minimalistic and sustainable life with all necessities and tools at their fingertips.

We provide the 4 pillars of life- Water, Food, Energy, and Shelter- to keep your life comfortable during the transition to living sustainably. Once these components are secure, the community will be able to thrive in its core values- community, creativity, naturality, and sustainability. The pillars will be provided in an organic and renewable fashion by using state of the art systems to power the land free from major companies. We will be so far off the grid that we will even establish our own wifi, unaffiliated with major corporations. To live at GreenLand is to live authentically, compatible, and in harmony with the natural environment and the technology of our present era.

A tiny home community is where a group of individuals come together to practice sustainable living. Everyone lives in a Tiny Home which is a house that does not exceed a certain square footage. They are tinier than most of the houses found in developments you see today. At Greenland, we believe in creating a Tiny Home community to elevate each other. By sharing duties like gardening, water retrieval, and cooking, we are able to fully live off the land while focusing on the things that really matter. 

 Our intention, with a new kind of community, is to shift our focus of what we are used to and create a “shared wealth" model- a way to live free of monetary pressure and practice individual responsibility. We do so in the form of a Co-operative and Sustainable Community. 

We have just launched our new website and are currently in the fundraising phase. Our goal is to raise $2 million in 1 to 2 years and then begin the building phase. Fundraising will continue throughout the building phase but we are hoping to start building after just 1 year. We have purchased some land plots and are now in an administration phase to weed out options with stricter zoning law restrictions. The next step is to premiere where our pilot will launch! 


Learn More about Sustainability from GreenLand's Leaders!

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