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Membership Options For Greenland

This Tiny Home Sustainable Community is meant to be the pilot community that will be scalable and replicated around the world. Our intention, with different levels of membership and support, is to make participation inclusive for any who wish. No matter what your economic situation is, if you want to help promote this movement to community-living in the modern world, this is the place for you.

We invite you to look at the different membership levels and feel free to ask us any questions and then jump on board!

I. Resident Member:

Resident members will be living in the community full time and participating in the running of the community. This membership level takes an initial buy-in for permanent residency in the community. Greenland Communities LLC is set up as a Co-Op community and the buy-in awards the new resident member a stock certificate in the Co-Op, and a right to one of the residential Tiny Home units on the property. It includes, and requires, full commitment and participation in the day to day activities and the responsibilities necessary for the community to function.

Buy In: $79,000.00-99,000

II. Resident Sponsorship Member:

These members, through a donation, will sponsor a resident member who is qualified to join but does not have the funds or financial means to buy in at the set Resident Member rate. These Supporting Members would also receive a term of stay at the community each year as gratitude for volunteering to sponsor a deserving individual to be a Resident member.

Support Amount: $79,000.00-99,000

III. Associate Member:

This is a non-resident membership. These members will show support by donating the capital needed to build the community, In turn, they will receive a certain time each year which they will be able to visit and participate in daily community life. We have tailored these membership costs to fit different levels of financial support.


One Month per Year For Life: one-time payment of $30,000.00

One Week per Year For Life: one-time payment of $12,000.00

One Weekend per Year For Life: one-time payment of $6,000.00

*Additional days can be reserved at a 30% discount of our regular bed and breakfast accommodation rates and other commercial or business services offered, no matter which Associate Membership level you choose.

IV. Development Members:

These members believe in this lifestyle and want to see Greenland Communities expand and populate the world map. This is an investment into Greenland Communities International Development Co. This company is a for-profit offshoot of the Greenland Communities LLC non-profit. Its purpose is to build and convert the present economic model of “profit” to Sustainable Tiny Home Shared Communities, where profit is no longer. Each member will be buying into a percentage of the Development Company LLC and thus benefit from the equity, ownership, or profit resulting from the development of other communities.

5%: $100,000.00

2%: $50,000.00

1%: $30,000.00

.5%: $18,000.00

.25%: $10,000.00

V. Kickstarter Support:

The fourth way you can support this community-building effort is to donate through our Kickstarter program. (Click here: (fill in the link here)

We invite you to support the evolution of the community in the modern world. Many of our proposals are old time-tested ideas and require community support, hard work, and cooperation. Incorporate modern technology, energy conversion, and efficiency- We call it “Community with all the modern conveniences”.

Donations/contributions of any size are much appreciated and every penny counts. Give money to GreenLand’s fundraising efforts and be mentioned on our supporter’s page.

You are more than welcome to join us on this journey to save the future. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

For further information about any of these membership options, please contact us. 

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